• 50 hours of group classes or 30 hours of one-to-one classes
  • For every level
  • Free entry test
  • Learning plan tailored to your goals
  • Certificate of attendance at the end of the course

We designed the Italian Language Course “Italiano Plus” to adapt to your starting level and your educational goals. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, our teachers will guide you in your learning journey to improve your Italian language skills.

Choose the Course “Italiano Plus” if:

  • You are at the beginning of your journey, and you want to start speaking Italian independently.
  • You have studied Italian before, and you want to improve your language skills.
  • You want to reach a level of fluency in Italian that will give you access to Italian Universities, Academies of Fine Arts, and Conservatories.
  • You want to learn Italian in a stimulating atmosphere, in the context of the Italian artistic and cultural environment.

Which option suits you best?

One-to-one Course – Choose the one-to-one course to have a teacher who will be dedicated exclusively to your learning. If you want to start learning right away and have more freedom in managing your own time, our one-to-one course is what suits you best.

Group Course – Choose the group course to learn and improve your Italian with other students on the same starting level as you. If speaking with classmates about your study is what energizes you, book now a spot in our group courses.

You would like to attend this course but have not yet arrived in Italy or cannot reach one of our offices? Learn more about our online option:Italiano Plus Online.

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