Where we are


The Iostudioitaliano Study Centre is located in Alatri’s main square, Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, on the second floor of the Palazzo Conti Gentili.
This building is home to three of the four high schools situated in Alatri and the “Luigi Ceci” Library. This is a crucial aspect, which fosters the cultural and social interaction between the Italian students and the foreign students who have decided to experience the Italian culture.
An agreement has been made with the liceo classico, in order to set up projects addressed both to the Chinese and Italian students. These programmes encourage students to collaborate on different assignments and cooperate, so that everyone benefits.
The Palazzo Conti Gentili is a 13th-century building, but it is provided with comfortable large classrooms, a computer lab, projectors and all the necessary equipment to support our tuition activities.
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