The Italian art and culture module has started today


The Italian art and culture module has started today. It is included in the Italian course syllabus offered by the IoStudioItaliano Study Centre.
This preparatory module, which consists of 120 hours of tuition, takes students on a journey through Italy’s history, art and culture.
The art and culture lessons aim to help students develop all the necessary knowledge to pass the entrance examinations at The Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone or in any other Italian city.
Moreover, these lessons will give students the opportunity to improve their Italian language skills while learning new vocabulary related to art and culture.
The module will run in parallel with the Italian course, one afternoon a week.
The first class, given by Prof. Arch. Mauro Pagnanelli, Professor of Photography and Interior Design at The Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone, has focused on Design. Prof. Pagnanelli is the person in charge of tuition at IoStudioItaliano, along with Prof. Franco De Vivo, from The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.
In the next lessons, other teachers from the Academy will put their expertise at the students’ disposal.
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