A pleasure trip to the Bioparco in Rome


Business before pleasure, and after business… a pleasure trip to the Bioparco in Rome!
After the Italian test at The University of Cassino, our school organised a trip for the Chinese students to the Bioparco in Rome.
The Zoo is located in the city centre, in the northern part of the Villa Borghese park, one of the biggest in Rome, and it stretches over an area of 12 hectares.
Opened in 1911, the Bioparco hosts about 1300 animals. They belong to 200 different species, among mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.
Every day, this nature and animal reserve welcomes children and adults who are eager to spot animals in the vegetation, learn about their behaviour and spend a unique day observing them.
Yesterday, the Bioparco welcomed our students too. As animal lovers, they were happy to immerse themselves in the beauties of nature and lose themselves within the sounds, smells and colours of the Bioparco, which accompany visitors along its most surprising and charming areas.
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