The Iostudioitaliano Study Center has been in operation since January 2016.
The first Italian language course took place over eight months, from 28 January to 8 September 2016, and consisted of 800 hours. It was attended by 26 Chinese students.
The second course started on November 21 and will run until 7 September 2017. Students will be provided with 1000 tuition hours.
Each of the two singing students will be offered 26 tailor-made lesson hours.
This year the number of students enrolled at our school has increased to 44.

The geographic areas

The students of the first course came from fifteen different areas of China: two autonomous regions and thirteen provinces.
This year, our students hail from twenty-three areas of the Asian Country: two municipalities, three autonomous regions and eighteen provinces.
The rise in the number of students and their geographic areas of origin is noteworthy. Studying the Italian language in Alatri is arousing a growing interest.


The courses of study

Among the courses supplied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone, more than 50% of the Chinese students have chosen Fashion Design.
This trend has occurred since last year.


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